On-line test angličtiny

Tento vstupní test vám pomůže určit vaši znalost jazyka anglického. Po jeho vypracování se okamžitě dozvíte úroveň vašich znalostí spolu s doporučením, jaký typ studia či zkoušky zvolit.

Test s každou novou otázkou nabývá na obtížnosti. Jakmile se vám proto otázky začnou zdát příliš složité, test raději přerušte a počkejte si na hodnocení. Nesnažte se odpovědi hádat, výsledek by nemusel být objektivní.

1. I _______ a student.
a) is
b) am
c) are
d) be
2. ______ two sisters.
a ) There is
b) He got
c) He is
d) He´s got
3. He ______ like me.
a) no
b) doesn´t
c) not
d) don´t
4. I´m English. Where ______ from?
a) do you
b) are you
c) you
d) is
5. ________ she go to school every day?
a) Do
b) Does
c) is
d) Are
6. ______ some books on the table.
a) There aren´t
b) There are
c) There is
d) There isn´t
7. ______ you like some tea or coffee?
a) Do
b) Can
c) Could
d) Would
8. ______ you speak English?
a) Are
b) Can
c) Were
d) Have
9. "What are you doing now?" "I ______ a letter."
a) can
b) write
c) am writing
d) writing
10. Do you like ______ in London?
a) live
b) living
c) lived
d) will live
11. Where _______ you yesterday?
a) go
b) was
c) did
d) were
12. I ______ to the cinema last Sunday.
a) go
b) went
c) was
d) were
13. James ______ to play football tomorrow.
a) can
b) will
c) is going
d) shall
14. How ______ petrol is there in the car?
a) a little
b) many
c) much
d) a lot
15. Mary _____ that film.
a) seen already
b) already seen
c) has already seen
d) have already seen
16. I´ve been in London ______ last Christmas.
a) ago
b) for
c) until
d) since
17. Mr Clark ______ in a bank for 15 years. Then he found himself a better job.

a) worked
b) had worked
c) has worked
d) works

18. I ______ go to the cinema but I don´t any more.
a) used to
b) did use
c) used
d) use
19. I ______ get up early tomorrow. My plane leaves at 6am.
a) could
b) have to
c) don´t have to
d) mustn´t
20. I´ll have a bath ______ I go to bed.
a) before
b) until
c) as soon as
d) while
21. I hope these problems will soon __________.
a) be solving
b) been solved
c) solve
d) be solved
22. I find it difficult to put __________ my mother-in-law.
a) with
b) on
c) up with
d) without
23. I worked hard ______ my exam.
a) to pass
b) for pass
c) for passing
d) to passing
24. When I arrived at the station the train ______.
a) had already left
b) already left
c) was already left
d) would already leave
25. After ______ his homework, he went to bed.
a) finish
b) to finish
c) finished
d) finishing
26. I´m thinking of _____ house.
a) move
b) moving
c) to move
d) will move
27. If he ______ the car immediately, the accident wouldn´t have happened.
a) stopped
b) had stopped
c) would stop
d) would have stopped
28.You ______ your homework before you came to the lesson!
a) should do
b) should have done
c) should be done
d) should be doing
29. Would you mind ______ me five dollars.
a) to lend
b) lending
c) lent
d) going to lend
30. He doesn´t think she´ll lend us the car, and ______.
a) so I do
b) nor me
c) neither do I
d) either she is
31. __________ the weather is terrible, tourists keep coming here.
a) In spite of
b) Despite
c) Since
d) Although
32. He´s going to ask them what town __________.
a) they come from
b) did they come from
c) have they came from
d) from did they come
33. She had changed so much that __________ anyone recognised her.
a) almost
b) hardly
c) not
b) nearly
34. I wish she __________ me her phone number before she left.
a) would have given
b) would give
c) gave
d) had given
35. You ___________ pass the exam.
a) are probably
b) will likely
c) will sure to
d) are likely to
36. My holiday in Paris gave me a great ______ to improve my French accent.
a) occasion
b) chance
c) hope
d) possibility
37. The children won´t go to sleep ______ we leave a light on outside their bedroom.
a) except
b) otherwise
c) unless
d) but
38. Have you considered ______ to London?
a) move
b) to move
c) to be moving
d) moving
39. ______ from Michael, all the group arrived on time.
a) Except
b) Other
c) Besides
d) Apart
40. I find the times of English meals very strange- I´m not used ______ dinner at 6p.m.
a) to have
b) to having
c) having
d) have
41. The book __________ of ten chapters, each one covering a different topic.
a) comprises
b) includes
c) consists
d) contains
42. You ought to take up swimming for the __________ of your health.
a) concern
b) relief
c) sake
d) cause
43. I suggest we __________ outside the stadium tomorrow at 8.30.
a) meeting
b) meet
c) met
d) will meet
44. The police __________ here since nine o´clock.
a) are waiting
b) had been waiting
c) has been waiting
d) wait
45. __________ the news, he jumped up with joy.
a) Have being heard
b) Heard
c) Having heard
d) To hear
46. No one wants to speak to Jane because of her bad behaviour, __________?
a) do they
b) shall we
c) does she
d) does he
47. I´ll ask the waiter for the bill when you ______ your coffee.
a) will have finished
b) have finished
c) will finish
d) shall finish
48.The Second World War ______ in 1939.
a) broke out
b) broke up
c) broke open
d) broke off
49. I will never ______ them to take the child away from me.
a) admit
b) tolerate
c) allow
d) let
50. The good service at the hotel ______ the poor food to some extent.
a) made up
b) made up for
c) made out
d) made for