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While the Pygmalion Language and Educational Centre Pygmalion has focused particularly on English language tuition, we offer several other foreign language courses, such as: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Polish and Czech for foreigners.

Pygmalion is very selective in its choice of tutors. The Centre´s Headquarters creates the very best conditions for further extending their qualifications. Regular methodical meetings are held where the tutors have the opportunity to familiarize with the latest trends concerning foreign language tuition.

We do not promise any miraculous method, we try to develop your language abilities systematically

The combination of our teaching materials, selecting of tutors and modern teaching methods at the Language and Educational Centre Pygmalion, provide a most enjoyable means of optimizing your leisure time. Along with some personal motivation and willingness, the teachers of Pygmalion will help you to remove psychological barriers while mastering and active use of foreign language and together with them you are going to master it successfully.

Our motto is:

"Do not be afraid to speak,
do not feel embarrassed by your mistakes."

The Pygmalion courses are focused on conversation, the emphasis being on cultivating the ability to use a foreign language actively. The communicative approach to language tuition came as a result of linguistic research carried out by European and American linguists in the 70-s and at the beginning of the 80-s. It is based on the opinion that mastering the formal structure of the language (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) is not sufficient; mastery of their application is essential.

The mission of Pygmalion tutors is not simply to graphically clarify the textbook from beginning to end, but to use it as a fundamental learning guide. Therefore they use a lot of supplementary materials (audio, video, press, literature). The class size is of a maximum of 12 students; there are some special courses with 3 – 6 students. Small groups are undoubtedly a very important factor in influencing the tuition quality.


After finishing the course successfully, each student is given a certificate evaluating the achieved language proficiency.